Chachapoya Religion

What gods did the Chachapoya worship? We know very little about local religion, in part because the Incas exiled so many Chachapoya to other parts of the empire, leaving few native Chachapoya to preserve their beliefs, and in part because the Incas imposed their solar cult on the conquered province: “After they were subdued…[the Chachapoya] assumed [Inca] laws and customs, by which they lived, and worshipped the sun and other gods,” wrote Cieza de León. What has trickled down to us in the chronicles is a mix of Inca religion, local wakas (sacred places or objects), pacariscas (places of origin), and ancestor worship, judging by the abundance of above-ground burial structures that afforded descendants easy access to the mummies placed in the tombs.

From left to right: Detail of a painted textile; A Chachapoya huaca, or sacred site, at Tambo las Lagunas between Cochabamba and Tajopampa; Detail of a pyro-engraved gourd (Adriana von Hagen)

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