Museo Leymebamba
Av. Austria s/n, San Miguel, Leymebamba (a 10 minute drive or a half-hour walk from Leymebamba)
Open Monday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, or by appointment. Closed December 25 and January 1.
Phones: (51) 971104909, (51) 971104907

How to get to Chachapoyas

The travel agencies recommended in “links” can help you organize your trip to Chachapoyas.

By plane
There is no scheduled air service to Chachapoyas.

By bus
Movil Tours (
Provides daily departures between Chiclayo and Chachapoyas. Movil Tours also has daily departures to Chachapoyas from Lima.

Because of ongoing road works and frequent interruptions due to landslides etc. between Olmos and Pedro Ruíz, we highly recommend that you call IIRSA Norte (073 32-3204/32-3392/32-3394) or check the Provias webpage: (click on “emergencias viales”) before embarking.

Cajamarca-Chachapoyas (via Celendín)
There are daily flights from Lima to Cajamarca as well as several bus companies that service Cajamarca. Turismo Virgen del Carmen has a daily service between Cajamarca and Chachapoyas and vice versa; see for schedule and contact information. There are also other bus and colectivo services between Celendín and Chachapoyas; they generally leave from Celendín’s Ovalo El Monumento.

There are daily flights from Lima to Tarapoto and scheduled daily bus service from Tarapoto to Lima, stopping in Pedro Ruíz, where you can take a colectivo or a taxi to Chachapoyas.

Bus and colectivo services leave Chachapoyas several times a day from the fourth block of Jr. 2 de mayo and from the eighth block of Jr. Libertad.

By taxi
Chiclayo-Chachapoyas. Cost: approximately S/. 750
Chachapoyas-Leymebamba. Cost: approximately S/. 150
Cajamarca-Leymebamba. Cost: approximately S/.600

Where to stay in Leymebamba:
- La Casona de Leymebamba, Jr. Amazonas, 1 ½ blocks from the Plaza de Armas. For reservations phone 957607416 or visit
-Kentitambo. Overlooking the Museo Leymebamba.